Some Recent Poems and Short Stories

“Up-Up-Down-Left-Right” Daily Science Fiction June 16, 2021

“Love Songs on a Planet Circling Binary Stars” Star*Line 44.3 

“I Think the Article Said Something about First Contact,” Star*Line 43.3

“Spectral Color” Star*Line 43.1

“Tears with Enough Mass Simply Break Free of the Eye,” Right Hand Pointing, Issue 141

“Unincorporated” Liminality, Issue 25

“The Generations Ship Dance” Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 115, 2020

“Place Settings” Liminality, Issue 22, 2019

“Whole Brain Emulation” Star*Line, 42.4, 2019

“Obelisk Posture” Eye to the Telescope Issue 34, 2019

“Ending” Right Hand Pointing, Issue 134, 2019

“Constellatory” Right Hand Pointing, Issue 132, 2019

“If Mixed Well, the Flame Will Be a Brilliant Green and the Fire Will Not Die” Sycorax

Journal, Issue 4, 2019

“A Rondeau on the Televised Launch of the First Rotating Wheel Spaceship”
Star*Line, 41.4, 2018

“The Service Agreement Does Not Cover What Happens During Sleep”
Strange Horizons, November 5, 2018

“Deaths Must Be Reported”
Bewildering Stories, Issue 775, 2018

“Why One Must Be a Journeyman Prophet for a Time”
Mirror Dance, Summer 2018

“When Semi-Benevolent Aliens Conquer Earth”  Star*Line, 41.2, 2018

“Ruth Miller”
Unlost Journal, Issue 12, 2018

“Come Marvel at Barnum’s Diminutive Prince”
NonBinary Review, Issue 16, 2018

“From Her Tower, the Lady of Shalott Sees the Ice Age Come”
Eye to the Telescope, Issue 27, Jan. 2018

“Bright Tapestry”
Gingerbread House, Issue 27, Nov. 2017

“Next Day Shipping”
Star*Line, 40.4, 2017