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“Because he could no longer howl at the moon…” iō Literary Journal – 2022 Refractions


“Taste” Dreams & Nightmares

“Having Grown Up” Defenestration

“Mightier Than” Defenestration


“All Became a Bit Darker” Star*Line Issue 45.4

“Blend”  Cheat River Review, Issue17, fall 2022

“Rabbits Watching the Fire Rise” Star*Line Issue 45.2

“Holding the Rose” Star*Line Issue 45.3

“Waking to Cry Stop” Penumbric Volume VI Issue 2

“Somewhere, at a Distance, Sleep” Penumbric Volume VI Issue 3

“Behind You” Dreams & Nightmares

“Dive Little Creatures” Penumbric Volume VI Issue 5

“Sitting on a Rock in the Wind” After Happy Hour Review Issue 18

“The Ghost Looked Up and Hoped” After Happy Hour Review Issue 18

Upcoming –

“Lady of the Lake with Rings and Stars” Penumbric

“Woman in Patience” Northwest Review

“Rising by the Red Moon” Penumbric

“Shining Song to Stars 2” Penumbric

“Dragonflies Descending” Penumbric